Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is a broader term than marriage counseling because not all couples are married.  At the Lotus Group, couples are those that are in an intimate relationship with one another and are unmarried.  Many types of couples are seen at the Lotus Group and include but are not limited to: pre-marital, cohabitating, older, younger, heterosexual, homosexual, Christian, long-term, short-term, and secular.  Couples counseling is incredibly unique because the make up of couples is incredibly different.  No two couples are identical, even though most couples struggle with the same concerns in their relationships like communication, feeling hurt, lies, and infidelity.  Numerous theories exist about attraction to others, but we are interested in your story.  At the Lotus Group, we want to hear about your unique experience as a couple and help provide the space for healing and productive growth in the relationship.

The way couples’ counseling is conducted depends on the type of couple and their specific concerns.  Specific couples counseling theories may be used by the therapist such as Imago therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, or John Gottman’s “The Marriage Clinic” to assist couples in their quest for change (more information about the listed therapies can be found online).  Other therapists may use their own unique way of working with couples or draw from other forms of therapy to best provide for the couple.  Some couples benefit from more concrete methods of therapy where homework may be assigned, goals may be created, and daily survival techniques may be taught.  Other couples benefit from exploration of their relationship by finding and learning about their patterns of communication, personal reactions to one another, the root source for these reactions, and effective methods to begin changing unproductive behavior and communication.  Some couples enjoy the exploration of family history and how their families’ histories may be causing their concerns.

Regardless of the therapy model, the therapists at the Lotus Group offer passion and expertise when working with couples.

Couples counseling can be challenging, however, and couples must be aware that it takes time to change patterns of behavior that have been present for years.  Couples counseling is a commitment, much like the relationship, and the therapists at the Lotus Group ask that couples match their commitment to the therapy process.  When therapists and couples are on the same page, amazing changes happen and couples discover their true potential.

Lotus Group provides the finest in couples counseling in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. If you are part of a couple and believe you may benefit from couples counseling, please give us a call.  We have many therapists who would love to help your relationship grow and strengthen.