About Lotus Group

At Lotus Group, our counselors believe good counseling begins with a professional who truly understands life and what living a life well is all about. It begins by recognizing life as the greatest gift we have ever been given. It roots in the realization that life is not all about me, and has more to do with giving than receiving. It flourishes in an eternal focus beyond the moment and the here and now, and blooms with the unmistakable truth that our relationships are the most important part of life. Our mission begins with having counselors who have figured out what life is about and are living it out.

Our Mission

Our Counselors Counseling Space

Part of figuring life out is realizing we will never get it all figured out. Our counselors are committed to continual personal growth and learning as professionals, and we recognize we are simply people on the same journey as our clients. Our mission is to learn more, and be better every day, every week, every month, and every year as we improve on ourselves and in our work with others.

Our Counselors Goal

Our ultimate goal at Lotus Group is to be used to help others enjoy healthier, happier lives in all arenas of their life. We hope to help at all levels….individual, relationships, family, and community; and in all spheres of life…mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. We do this by sharing what we know to be true about life and by sharing what we have learned both professionally and personally on our journeys. Our privilege is to lead others through the “stuff” of life that gets in the way of enjoying life as it was meant to be.

Our Greatest Privilege

The greatest privilege and honor we enjoy at Lotus Group is the client relationship. Our counselors feel called to be here at this place and time to help the clients that come our way. Our privilege to share a therapeutic relationship, to share what we have learned, and to lead them on the leg of the journey of their life that brings them to us is one of the many ways we are blessed to express love to others while here.