Faith-Based Counseling

Christian marriages in Indianapolis are sometimes in need of counseling. Just because a couple calls themselves “Christian” doesn’t mean they have a perfect marriage or can’t use some help.

From time to time every couple needs to get advice or coaching to improve their relationship. Christian couples are no exception.  An older couple or a close friend can give some great advice, but there are times when talking to a caring stranger is really helpful.  It can also be beneficial to hear from someone who has been trained to address the problems that couples often face in their marriage.

What makes marriage counseling Christian? That’s a fair question that comes up often.

Christians have specific beliefs that separate them from other faiths and belief systems. In the most basic sense counseling that takes in to consideration those beliefs would be considered Christian.

Within the world of Christian counseling there are many different approaches. Just as there is a spectrum of theology ranging from conservative to liberal, there is a broad spectrum of Christian counseling. Some rely heavily on specific scriptures from the Bible only while others may incorporate secular techniques along with scripture. There is a great deal of diversity.

In addition, there may be differences in the Christian counseling from Catholic and Protestant perspectives. These two groups are both considered to be Christian but will differ in specifics. For instance, an issue that couples may need counseling about is whether or not to have children, or how many children they want to have. Many Catholics are strictly opposed to birth control. On the other hand most Protestants do not have a problem with couples using birth control. This means Protestant couples will likely not want have a Catholic priest counsel them.

That leads to another question: Do only ministers and priests provide this kind of counseling for couples?

Most ministers and churches offer couples counseling. The amount they do is affected by their level of training, the size of their congregation, and their schedule. Some pastors like doing marriage counseling while others are not very good at it. Larger churches may have staff members who specialize in working with couples. However, there are many Christian counselors who are not ministers or part of a church staff.

Indianapolis has many churches. Someone looking for Christian counseling might think they will have to go to one of those churches. But churches are not the only place couples can find counseling help.

As mentioned previously, there are many Christian counselors who are not ministers or church staff members. Sometimes a church may let an independent counselor use office space to meet with clients. More often than not a counselor will have there own office. Believe it or not, marriage counseling can even happen at a coffee shop.

Christian couples seeking counseling have many options. They can find help from their own priest or pastor or they may go to a counselor outside their own church. The most important thing is that they are getting help.

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