How Can We Help?


Not only are we available for you when you want to get started, but we are also here for you between appointments, into ways. Our professionals typically adjust their schedules if they need for an appointment arises. That way you do not have to wait to deal with the immediate needs. In addition, you will almost always find a live body answering when you call. Our front office is second to none, and they are clearly a part of the therapeutic team at Lotus group, where we all work to have your needs and goals met. Hear what our clients have to say about our accessibility.


Quality is why you choose Lotus group. 10 years ago, when Lotus group was first started, it was designed to provide the best quality care available. That is what Lotus Group delivers. Lotus Group has been voted Best in Fishers four years in a row and we expect the same for the future. Hear what our clients say about our quality of care.


True quality care must begin with a professional that genuinely cares. Many clients assume all mental health professionals care. This is not a safe assumption. Just like any profession, you can find those that theater career as a job and those that see their career as a calling. At Lotus Group, are professionals have been called to help others, and in helping others, they are being used in a very special way to improve the lives of their clients and the relationships they have. Why? Because they care… Deeply