10 Things Adults Should Learn From Kids

Adults who are consistently around kids, or who have kids of their own, are blessed with a significant position of influence along with the responsibility of teaching and raising the next generation. While this is an important mission, sometimes in the midst of our efforts to make kids more like us, we miss the valuable life lessons we could gain by trying to be like them. After working full-time at a daycare over the summer I have come to learn much about how to get the most out of life from people have lived it the shortest.

Young Girl in Park Chasing Birds

Here are 10 things adults should learn from kids

  1. They are completely themselves. Kids don’t know how to wear a mask. They are who they are and they express themselves with confidence. The ideas they share, the opinions they have, and the way they dress, talk, and interact with others is void from consideration of the opinions of those around them. Kids’ behavior is a nearly uninhibited outflow of their personalities, which allows their uniqueness to shine.
  2. They love easily As soon as a kid learns a person’s name they exclaim it with joy each time they see them! They give hugs freely and are conscious to include everyone in their surroundings. They do not make judgments based on appearance or social status. They are an instant friend to all.
  3. They are unashamed Kids go to the bathroom with the door open, they trip and fall in front of their friends, they spill their milk all over the dinner table. No matter what they do, they are not easily embarrassed. Somehow they know what makes people human and are therefore found freedom to make mistakes (or be open about bodily functions) and laugh along with them.
  4. They are quick to forgive Another kid could snatch a toy away from them and ignite a screaming match, then a few moments later they are spotted happily playing together again. After harshly disciplining a child and making them upset, once they have calmed down they are right back to giving them hugs and seeking their attention. Kids do not hold grudges. They enjoy their relationships more than they enjoy being bitter, and so their hearts quickly forgive and forget.
  5. They are empathetic Kids are very perceptive to the emotions of those around them. If a person or another child around them is crying, a look of genuine concern sweeps over their face.  They feel what others feel and treat them with great tenderness.
  6. They are eager to learn The mind of a child is constantly going. They are little sponges that soak up knowledge all day long. Their curiosity drives an excitement to gain fresh information and learn new skills that they are proud of.
  7. They are free from worry Kids live in the moment and do not preoccupy their mind with worries they have no control over. They trust their caretakers and have freedom to embrace life as it comes.
  8. They are determined Once kids sets their minds on something they want to accomplish, they commit themselves fully to it and put their best effort towards reaching their goal. They are not afraid to fail and when they fall short they pick themselves up and continue right along.
  9. They find joy in the simplest of things Squirrels, pebbles, a silly laugh, music, rain, books, and many more. Kids get enamored by the simplest pleasures and have a genuine love for life.  They actively play, create, and imagine instead of compromising their time with mundane internet surfing and tv watching.
  10. They cling to their parents Nothing lights up a child’s face more than seeing their parents. They find warmth and security in the parents’ arms and nothing else compares to their presence. Their parents are their heroes because they know they are wildly loved by them.  The model of children and their parents is one that should also be expressed in adult’s relationship with their Heavenly Father who wants his children to cling to him.

While kids do certainly have many other qualities besides this list that can be irritating, selfish, and downright ugly, I do believe that at the core of every child is a purity of humanness that should be an example to the rest of us. The Bible even says “the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children” Matthew 19:14.